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Digital Healthcare solutions designed just for you, your customers and your brand.


Healthcare Innovation

Based in Michigan, we've been creating quality, proven and award-winning digital solutions for the Healthcare market since 2011. Enqbator has been at the forefront of creating innovative healthcare digital solutions. Our leadership team has 25 years experience in the field and we were one of the first to implement Headless CMS solutions for our healthcare clients. Today, through our partnership with Progress Sitefinity and our proven experience in all things web, mobile and the cloud, we’ll find the best solution for you and your needs. Once your project is completed, we're always there for you with a fast, responsive and enthusiastic approach to make sure everything stays working as smoothly as it should.

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Enqbator Capabilities

Armed with knowledge, enthusiasm and innovative minds, our passionate team will find a solution for you.

Experts at some of the Internet's most trusted hosting platforms including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services.
Proven experience in building highly successful Software solutions, from Leading edge Voice apps to high security GDPR solutions and Web Strategy consulting.
Enqbator has the knowledge and experience to solve all your challenges.
Our dedicated and enthusiastic team will not stop until your happy.

Ethical. Reliable. Professional.

We have been at the forefront of some of the digital healthcare world's most exciting technological advances. Our goal is to make your job easier and to help you make your customers comfortable. Once your project is completed, we offer support that never ends. We are responsive and enthusiastic and will do everything we can to make sure your hospital and brand are reflected in the most positive light there is. We're looking forward to working with you.

What clients are saying

Words of appreciation from those we appreciate.

"...We are working with Enqbator on several projects. They have a very professional and skilled staff. I would highly recommend..."
Pooja Dharni Budhraja Data Architect and Governance Manager
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"...Enqbator is a top notch web development partner. They have a "can-do" attitude and excel at finding solutions to some of the most technical challenges. Their expertise of Sitefinity CMS and their excellent customer service make them a pleasure to work with..."
Lori Manos Director, Web Marketing
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"...Enqbator exceeded my expectations. They were effective in communicating clearly to multiple stakeholders and they weren't afraid to operate outside of their box to help the overall project be successful..."
Eric Badgley e-Filing Project Manager
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"...I highly recommend Enqbator for developing first-class technical solutions. Their vast experience and sincere desire to meet and exceed the needs of the customer is most impressive and evident. They have always been very courteous and responsive..."
Dianne Gross Business Analyst, ITSB
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"...We so enjoy working with the team at Enqbator on website development and other digital projects. Sujal has built a responsive, flexible, and creative group that works seamlessly as an extension of our team. We recommend Enqbator with enthusiasm and without reservation!..."
Megan Yore Chief Communications Officer & Director of Marketing
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"...We experienced outstanding commitment from the Enqbator team throughout multiple complex IT projects. They have gone above and beyond in order to identify and troubleshoot issues from project initiation all the way into post-production..."
Joe Quille Manager, Guidehouse
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"...I have enjoyed working in partnership with Enqbator. They have a very knowledgeable staff and consistently deliver top-notch service and professional web-based applications..."
David Vigna ITSB
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"...Very conscientious and focused on the project. Always available to help assist with troubleshooting..."
Megan Ivey Deputy Trial Court Administrator
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"...We are so grateful for our partnership with the Enqbator team! They delivered an exceptional website experience survey and online Dashboard..."
Rob Klein Partner
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"...Great experience with Enqbator. Work with them on many web projects and nothing but exceptional service..."
Bob Stratton Lead IT Project Mgr.
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"... Enqbator team for nearly a decade now and I can’t say enough good things about the work they have done to help us build our company websites..."
Kathy Divis President
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"...Enqbator is flexible and fast paced. Without a partner who worked in a similar manner, we wouldn’t have been able to complete our project as quickly as we did..."
Megan Yore Chief Communications Officer & Director of Marketing
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"...Enqbator has been a great partner, they are always eager to tackle new projects and approach them with technical expertise..."
Matt Elliot Creative Manager, Digital Experience
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"....The process was painless. Everyone loves the directory, and the journey to get there was so well organized that it barely impacted our workload..."
Victoria Hughes Former Manager, Web Services and Operations
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"...You were fantastic to do what you did!..."
Hamid Project Manager, ISD
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"...They are always cheerful, positive, open, organized, supportive, and responsive..."
Matthew Shine Senior Digital Marketing Developer & Creative Strategist
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"..Their attention to detail and ability to quickly ascertain our needs was second to none!... Many thanks to the Enqbator team!."
Toni Partner & Chief Marketing Officer
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"...Their expertise in partnering with our organization has led to innovative and best-in-class solutions to meet UAMS' business..."
Donna Hill Former Marketing Strategist
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"...The Enqbator team is always knowledgeable, helpful, and available during all aspects of the project..."
Jamal Chief Information Officer
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