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As we all know, the world is becoming more digital. More and more, courts are depending on software to keep people informed and make court logistics as smooth as possible. 

This means everyone employed at the legal system - attorneys, evaluators, and administrators especially - need quality apps to keep them on top of their work.

This is especially true in the case of judicial mediation. You're aware that the logistics of this process is complex - documents to share, schedules to keep, and so forth. A well-designed and flexible app would help streamline this process. 

Enter Enqbator.

Judicial Mediation App: An Overview

As such things often go, the judicial mediation process could always be easier. Attorneys might need a way to tell their clients when their case is up for evaluation, evaluators need details on the cases they’ve been assigned, administrators need an easier way to schedule cases.

This is where Enqbator’s mediation app comes in. We’ve digitized the entire mediation process. Our app bypasses all hassles, clears all confusion, saves all sorts of time and effort that might otherwise be spent working out logistics. Thanks to our app, all aspects of judicial mediation are now convenient, sophisticated… and just a touch away.

Interested? Good. Here are just a few of the app's features.

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Attorneys can...

Upload and download case summaries, court orders, and other case-related documents at their leisure. If an attorney uploads a court order, other attorneys working on the case can download it. Shared resources are crucial in completing this sort of project.

Set or remove stand-in attorneys.

See the most important details of their cases, such as dates and scheduled hearings. Without having to worry about that, attorneys can focus their mental energies on the case itself. 

Search for cases by parameters such as start date, end date, or case number

Get notifications when cases are scheduled, changed, or go up for evaluation. They'll stay in the loop when absolutely anything happens, so they'll have the time to adjust accordingly. 

Make all payments.
Accept or reject rewards. An attorney can choose to conditionally accept a reward, and even set conditions. 

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Evaluators can...

See key details for their case – case numbers, scheduling, and more

Learn about any changes to the case – different attorneys, new documents, and more. We all know unexpected things sometimes come up during mediation, but our app will help your evaluators keep on top of these changes. 

Download summaries, court orders, and other case-related documents. Share resources between evaluators and attorneys, and keep everyone on the same page through the whole process. This will make things as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Award parties based on case evaluations

Search for cases based on dates. This will help them mold their evaluations to their own schedules, because the app also lets them... 

Accept and reject case evaluations. This makes our app perfect for the busy evaluator. 

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Administrators can...

Change and credit attorneys. Communication between all parties is crucial, especially for someone at the administrative level, and this app was designed with communication in mind. 

The app automatically assigns evaluators (plaintiff, defense, or neutral) so your administrators don't have to. They are by nature busy people, and our app will take a load off their shoulders. 

The app automatically generates Evaluator Reports, Scheduling Reports, Noticing Reports, Hearing Reports, and more. You know how important the paperwork is in a court setting. Here at Enqbator, we understand the old adage: if nobody documented it, it didn't happen. 

Your administrators will love all of your app's automated features.

Our app was designed to smooth out any wrinkle the mediation process could hit.

This way, your employees can keep their focus on mediation itself, not the various things that go on around a successful mediation.

Thanks to Enqbator, announcements and notifications have never been easier to make, cases have never been easier to schedule or change, panels never easier to create, reports never easier to generate.

We make it all as easy as possible. For a streamlined, thorough, and flexible mediation experience, choose Enqbator.

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