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Enqbator understands the complications your plaintiffs, judges, and attorneys face. Scheduling can be a headache, whether they have to handle multiple cases at once or balance their cases with their work schedule.

How do you make attorneys' days in court easier?

Try Enqbator's Express Pass app. It will send your employees and plaintiffs reminders about all logistical information they need. Keep your customers and your team in the loop about anything they need to know.

Court can be stressful enough without having to remember dates and times. Let Express Pass bolster memories, and grant them stress-free trials, hearings, or whatever other business they have in court.

 Not sure when your appointment is

Are your clients unsure when their appointments are?

Express Pass will send reminders to your customers, whether they're attorneys, Parties, or Evaluators. 

 Looking at a tight week

Employees looking at a tight week?

Express Pass will remind them of what date their cases are scheduled for, so they can build their time around them and go into court with clear heads.

 Need directions

Want to give employees directions?

Refer them to Express Pass!

Express Pass will give your employees and clients peace of mind by taking care of their scheduling and logistical worries. We've got them covered from start to finish.

From the beginning, they'll have reminders about their appointment's date and time, as well as directions to any of your facilities. Our app ensures their business in court will start off on the right foot. 

Once they've arrived, Express Pass provides them with a map of your entire court system, so they know what room to go to. This saves them the time of looking for a map and earns them a few extra minutes to prepare for their day in court.

After court, your employees and clients will get reminders about future appointments and other ways they can follow up. You don't need to keep them on top of everything they need to know. Express Pass will do that for you, so that they can have the best day in court as possible. 

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"....The process was painless. Everyone loves the directory, and the journey to get there was so well organized that it barely impacted our workload..."
Victoria Hughes
Former Manager, Web Services and Operations
"...I have no concerns. You were fantastic to do what you did!....."
Project Manager, ISD
"...They were always cheerful, positive, open, organized, supportive, and responsive....."
Senior Digital Marketing Developer & Creative Strategist
"...Enqbator is flexible and fast paced. Without a partner who worked in a similar manner, we wouldn’t have been able to complete our project as quickly as we did...."
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