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If you don’t have the time or resources to create a medical health library, your first instinct might be to link patients to WebMD. After all, they need the inside scoop on their diagnoses. Tempting as that may be, it would lose your site's precious traffic. Luckily, Enqbator has a solution to this problem.

Choose Enqbator to put any medical health library with an API onto your website, for example, StayWell.  

Why StayWell?

Why StayWell?

StayWell offers you its entire database. Not only do they provide diagnosis, they also provide solutions.  

StayWell gets results. With their help, patients can find the best results for the best price. Their qualifications speak for themselves. 

Like you, StayWell puts patients first. They research what customers want from their healthcare providers, keep up with the latest technologies, and analyze healthcare data for optimal results. In short, they're the perfect partner for any hospital. 

What’s more, you can incorporate it all into your website. No need to send users somewhere else!

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Why Enqbator? 

We’ll work with Staywell or any Health Library with an API and integrate them onto your website giving your customers a seamlessly experience. They won’t know where your content ends.

Enqbator’s taxonomy system lets your website talk to Healthcare Libraries for the most complete experience. A patient researching cancer won’t just get its opinions, they’ll get yours too, including a list of your cancer physicians.

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