A Summit for Industry Leaders, Including Enqbator

The Healthcare Internet Conference

Greystone.net’s annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) is the largest event of its kind. The healthcare industry’s best and brightest pool their expertise to solve a variety of tech and healthcare issues. Since 2012, they have chosen Enqbator to design their websites. HCIC's mission is to serve as a hub for experts to share both ideas and cutting-edge healthcare technologies. We are proud to support their vision and help them realize these goals.

In 2012, Enqbator made their first appearance at HCIC. We gave a presentation entitled "Getting the Most Out of Your Content Management System." This presentation was showcased in HCIC's “Backstage Pass” program, a series of webinars that offers people unable to attend the HCIC a chance to see the highlights of the conference online. We've had years of expertise applying content management systems to healthcare, and we're always happy to spread that knowledge.

Since 2012, we've been fixtures at HCIC, both on the backend and at the conference itself. We've done web design and development for the conference, and we are also frequent presenters. Most recently, we attended their twenty-first anniversary conference in Austin, TX. Here we delivered a roundtable luncheon about how to make the best of online marketing efforts. 

Whenever we present at HCIC, we find ourselves in good company. This year alone, we were joined by representatives from University of Maryland, the Cleveland Clinic, and none other than Google. In earlier years, they have featured speakers from Johns Hopkins University, Oschner Health System, and the John Muir Clinic. 

Whether you were at the Austin conference and loved it, or missed it and would like to come by next year, you'll find HCIC in Scottsdale, Arizona in November of 2018. We hope to see you there!




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