Beaumont Health

Michigan's largest hospital system


Enqbator is proud to  have  partnered  with  Beaumont  Health, Michigan's biggest  healthcare system. It has eight hospital locations across southeast Michigan: Grosse Pointe,  Dearborn, Taylor, Royal Oak, Trenton, Farmington Hills, Wayne, and Troy. Most recently, we built them a scrolling banner for their homepage and added a news portal. This module is easy to access, understand, and edit. Anyone with backend access can create a new article, and it’s easy to place articles anywhere on the site. Furthermore, we’ve placed a news carousel on their main page, allowing visitors easy access to whatever’s new.

beaumont medical education

Medical Education Site

We streamlined three legacy education sites into one. By condensing this information, we have improved user experience greatly. In addition, we’ve also added a custom module that makes it easy for Beaumont’s digital marketing team to set up, edit, and manage the website's hundreds of redirect URLs. This gives them more autonomy than they ever had before. 


Provider Portal

Beaumont Health's Provider Portal site assists healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses. It grants Beaumont employees access to email, medical charts, medical directories, health libraries, and more. Enqbator has redesigned it, streamlining several legacy sites for improved user experience. 

beaumont pay and benefits

Pay & Benefits

Beaumont's Pay and Benefits site provides employees with easy answers about systemwide pay practices. Our extensive site redesign provides employees important information about their money, benefits, life-work balance, and growth at Beaumont.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done for Beaumont, and this is only the beginning of what we imagine will prove a long and fruitful partnership.

Beaumont Health



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