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Enqbator Launches Beaumont's New Medical Education Website

Oct 23, 2017
Enqbator worked closely with Beaumont’s Digital Marketing and IT teams to create the Medical Education website.

Enqbator has launched Beaumont Health’s new medical education website- Beaumont Health is the largest hospital system in the state of Michigan, with eight hospitals, 168 health centers, nearly 5,000 physicians and 35,000 employees. The new website was designed in line with the Beaumont Health brand and will serve as a hub for information for all the Beaumont Health medical education offerings. It  combines content from several legacy websites and serves as the flagship project for the partnership between Enqbator and Beaumont Health. “We are extremely excited about this new partnership with Beaumont Health”, said Sujal Raju, President and CEO of Enqbator, LLC.” With our expertise in Sitefinity and data integrations, we can help them create even stronger user experiences with their web properties and elevate their already prominent brand.”

New and Improved

Enqbator worked closely with Beaumont’s Digital Marketing and IT teams to create the Medical Education website. Using Sitefinity’s multi-site functionality, we gave Beaumont the ability to share content between Beaumont’s corporate and medical education websites. Furthermore, content editors can make changes to both sites with a single login.

Enqbator also set up a custom redirect module. This lets the Beaumont team manage the creation of friendly URLS and redirects within Sitefinity. The digital marketing team now has more autonomy to set up and edit these URLs, which total around 300 and counting. Prior to this change, these URLs were managed collaboratively with Beaumont Marketing and IT. To do so, these teams had to manage URLs in spreadsheets. Furthermore, they couldn’t update URLs without going into the server, which required a change control.

The medical education site is just the beginning of our partnership with Beaumont Health. We will be launching an intranet and a provider portal in late 2017 or early 2018, and will continue supporting enhancements and improvements for all Beaumont Health website properties and applications.  


About Beaumont

Beaumont Health is Michigan’s largest health care system (based on inpatient admissions and net patient revenue) formed in 2014 to provide patients with compassionate, extraordinary care, no matter where they live in Southeast Michigan. Our culture of caring partnerships and care delivery model of patient and family-centered care demonstrates our commitment to engaging our patients, their family, and our community to promote continuous health care improvements. 

With eight hospitals, 168 health centers, nearly 5,000 physicians and 35,000 employees, Beaumont Health contributes to the health and well-being of residents throughout southeast Michigan and beyond.

About Enqbator

Enqbator is a web development firm based in Troy, Michigan that specializes in all aspects of web development, from websites and mobile apps to analytics and online marketing. Their unparalleled expertise in integrating client sites with clients' internal and external systems provides users with seamless browsing experiences. By striving to work as an extension of their client’s own team, they have forged long-lasting professional relationships with many of their clients. 

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