The goal of user interface design is to make the customer experience and interaction with your site/application as simple and efficient as possible.

User eXperience emphasizes on having a profound understanding of the users, what they need, what they value, their abilities and limitations. Long story short, best practices of UX would make users willing to come back to your site/app again. We can help you achieve that goal.


We’ll help you visualize where the future could lead & work with your team to figure out a way to get there.


The User eXperience process ensures an effective working end product. Taking advices and suggestions from in-depth customer research and translating them into a detailed information architecture and interaction design proves to be beneficial over time both for product and user.
User-centered design is just an initial point. Equipped with insights from content to analytics, our iterative UX design process is driven by both skill and magic. As a result, sites see improved user experience including increased customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, lowered abandon rates and even decreased customer service requests.

Why Us?

We ponder the big picture and sweat the small stuff. Our experience and our process lets us think big, so we can recommend features to address the needs of your prospective customers.
We have profound expertise in diverse industries. We're happy to have worked with the best. This exposure to different industries and clients helped us identify what works best for your design and we help you prioritize what's important. Finally, we understand that resources are limited. As we create our designs, we prioritize what matters most so you can get the results you need faster.
At ENQBATOR, we welcome a healthy dialogue. During the entire design process we bring you into the loop and collaborate with you on concepts and wireframes

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