Seamless Integration

First thing that pops up into our mind is ,"WHAT EXACTLY IS SEAMLESS INTEGRATION ?

Seamless integration is the process where a new module or feature of an application or hardware is added or integrated without resulting in any discernible errors or complications.
It simply means that whatever change is being applied to a system, it happens without any negative impact resulting from the integration. It is often used in the context of software and systems development, as well as for computer hardware.
Our expertise in web and mobile technologies, especially content management systems are unparalleled. The firm principals have extensive experience in the healthcare web space having implemented and converted over 100 hospital websites throughout the United States and regularly speak at healthcare conferences as experts. Sujal Raju, President and Founder of Enqbator, is a pioneer in the development of content management systems. In the 1990’s he architected one of the first healthcare specific, user-friendly enterprise content management systems that won several platinum awards in the decade that followed. This experience is exceptionally valuable to our clients and we leverage it on each engagement.


Companies can benefit from the cross-industry experience and built-in expertise of hiring an outside development agency to assist with a software application launch, rather than relying on internal staff. But once you’ve brought on a team, the next question is how should you integrate them into your existing workflow?


1.  Get to know each other.
2.  Clearly define the segments of the project that each team will own.
3.  Develop the metrics that will lead to a successful project.
4.  Develop processes for communicating progress.
5.  Use online communication tools that work for the whole team.

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