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Records and reports are important, both to you and to your clients. Enqbator’s custom-made Time Tracker App helps you log progress. Our software offers custom fields to enter your clients, projects, and time spent, and more. Need something different? You’ll find our software is highly customizable. In fact, you can create new menus based on your specifications. Project requirements can change fast, but our Time Tracker will keep you on top of things. Flexibility is everything with Enqbator. 


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You need to know how your team uses their time. Our time tracker lets you generate reports with the click of a button. Time Tracker whips up any type of chart that shows any data you need. If you want to share how much work went into a project, or show off which of your employees did what, Enqbator’s got you covered. This will help your own admins, and if you're doing a contract for another company, it'll also give that company a sense of how your project is progressing. Like the Tracker, the reports are easy to generate, customize, and understand. 

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With your ability to track and report your hours, you'll be able to estimate timelines for your projects, get a sense of which projects take the most time, and report progress to anyone who needs to know. From there, you'll be able to keep on top of your future projects as they unfold, develop strategies to tackle projects more efficiently, award your most productive team members, communicate with other companies you might be collaborating with, and more. Your admins can also edit entries to resolve errors. Time management is important, both for your individual employees and your company as a whole. Our Time Tracker software is here to make this easier on everyone. 

Like all Enqbator software, Time Tracker works for any device. Your employees can use it anywhere. All they have to do is log in - to their laptop, smartphone, tablet, their decision. If they forget to track hours at work, no need for an emergency. They can take care of it at home, if that's most convenient for them. This also makes things easier on your payroll department - no more waiting around for employees to come back to the office.

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For thorough and flexible records, choose Enqbator.  


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