What Your Customers Want to Know About Their Physicians

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The Question  

What information do you think your customers want to know most about your physicians? Do they look for...

Their names?
Their specialties?
Their locations?
Or all of the above?

The answer is all of the above. Before office hours, before insurance information, before even costs, customers want to know these three things. Together, we call these search parameters...

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The Golden Triangle

This information is crucial when it comes to serving your customers. Most hospital websites will give you a directory of names, a list of specialties, or an address book, but it’s rare to get the whole "Golden Triangle" all at once. If your customers had it that way, they could spare themselves quite a few searches, reduce confusion, and get the information they need.

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Enqbator's Search Function Brings it All Together

Our Find-A-Physician app uses these three features first. Find out more here


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