Enqbator founder, team members complete Detroit Marathon Relay

Oct 22, 2018, 14:41 PM
Enqbator joins 1000's others for a morning of fall running in Detroit at the 2018 Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon.
Enqbator, LLC

Detroit, Michigan - August 21, 2018 -  Enqbator, LLC Founder and CEO Sujal Raju joined with fellow team members to participate and complete the 2018 Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon Relay on August.  Relay teams consisted of 5 members, each completing part of the full 26.2 mile marathon distance.

The Marathon Relay started in Detroit with runners heading over the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. After traveling through the city of Windsor, runners arrive back into the U.S. through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. From there, the course heads out to Detroit's Belle Isle State Park and then back into the heart of the City of Detroit for the finish.

In addition to the Marathon Relay, events included the full Marathon distance of 26.2 miles and two separate Half Marathon events -- one also traveling to Windsor and back to Dertroit and also a U.S. only half marathon.

For more information on the Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon, please click here.

About Enqbator

Enqbator is a web development firm based in Troy, Michigan that specializes in all aspects of web development, from websites and mobile apps to analytics and online marketing. Their unparalleled expertise in integrating client sites with clients' internal and external systems provides users with seamless browsing experiences. By striving to work as an extension of their client’s own team, they have forged long-lasting professional relationships with many of their clients. 

What clients are saying

Words of appreciation from those we appreciate.

"...We are so grateful for our partnership with the Enqbator team! They delivered an exceptional website experience survey and online Dashboard..."
Rob Klein Partner
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"... Enqbator team for nearly a decade now and I can’t say enough good things about the work they have done to help us build our company websites,..."
Kathy Divis President
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"...Enqbator is flexible and fast paced. Without a partner who worked in a similar manner, we wouldn’t have been able to complete our project as quickly as we did...."
Megan Chief Communications Officer & Director of Marketing
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"....The process was painless. Everyone loves the directory, and the journey to get there was so well organized that it barely impacted our workload..."
Victoria Hughes Former Manager, Web Services and Operations
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"...I have no concerns. You were fantastic to do what you did!....."
Hamid Project Manager, ISD
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"...They are always cheerful, positive, open, organized, supportive, and responsive....."
Matthew Senior Digital Marketing Developer & Creative Strategist
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"..Their attention to detail and ability to quickly ascertain our needs was second to none!... Many thanks to the Enqbator team!."
Toni Partner & Chief Marketing Officer
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"...Their expertise in partnering with our organization has led to innovative and best-in-class solutions to meet UAMS' business..."
Donna Hill Former Marketing Strategist
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"...The Enqbator team is always knowledgeable, helpful, and available during all aspects of the project..."
Jamal Chief Information Officer
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