What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Ghosting is an Enqbator product that gives websites the ability to show the same phone number on your pages to every visitor, regardless on the source of traffic. This can be a central call operations number, a general corporate number, or any number that is important to your business.

We, “ghost” the phone number on your page by replacing it with a unique phone number for each vendor/source. This ghost number is programatically tied to the vendor or source of traffic and collected in database for reporting. The customer will see the same number each time he/she visits the site, ensuring no-confusion if a customer is visiting from a different source than they did the first time.

Ghosting phone numbers will give you better insight into your marketing campaigns by allowing you to see where your customers are coming from--- even if your business isn't ready to tie your online marketing to your business operations processes.. yet.

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Dynamic Number Insertion

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