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Introducing a mediation application to the Judicial systems.

Feb 14, 2017

Troy, Michigan., - Enqbator has put together the effort to create and is ecstatic to launch a new web application, Mediation Tribunal Association's MTA app ( Not just a project, but something to be proud of.

It allows the Attorneys 
 - to view all the cases and the case details (such as date, case, hearing…) that they are involved with
 - to set a Stand-In attorney if needed
 - to upload summaries and court orders
 - to download case related documents uploaded by other attorneys of the case
 - to make payments towards to the case
 - to search for cases based on start date, end date, case number
 - to receive online notifications whenever their cases are scheduled for evaluation
 - to receive online notifications whenever changes are made to the cases
 - to check-in online for the evaluation of the case and more.....
It allows the Evaluators 
 - to view all the cases and the case details (such as panel, date, time, case#, parties, status) that they are assigned to
 - to view/download all the summaries, court orders & other case related documents that are submitted towards the case
 - to “Add Awards” after the evaluation of the case
 - to search for cases based on Start Date, End Date, Case Number, Consolidation Case Number
 - to receive online notifications whenever their cases are scheduled for evaluation, also giving them the ability to “accept” or “reject” the case
 - to receive online notifications whenever changes (case documents uploaded, change of attorneys, addition/removal of stand-in attorneys, change of status…) are made to the cases… more
It allows the Administrators
 - to create/maintain panels
 - to make announcements
 - to send notifications/notices to the system personnel/attorneys/evaluators
 - to charge/credit attorneys
 - to schedule cases and neutral, plaintiff & defense evaluators to the case hearing
 - to generate the attorney/evaluator notices report (a detailed report of all the attorney notices and evaluator notices sent from the system)
 - to change the status of the case
 - to generate Evaluator reports, Scheduling Reports, Noticing Reports, Hearing Reports…
 - to maintain Address Types, Case Types, Case Categories, Court Types, Evaluator Types, Document Types, Payment sources
 - to create users and set user type (Administrator, Administrative Clerk, Senior Clerk, Clerk…)
 - to remove users if needed
The application automatically,
1. Notifies the evaluators/attorneys/firms whenever their cases are scheduled.
2. Notifies the evaluators whenever a case document is submitted
3. Assigns the Neutral/Plaintiff/Defense evaluators to the case by pulling them from the queue
4. Pulls the cases from the court that need to be scheduled for evaluation
5. Applies fees to the attorneys such as, convenience fee, late summary fee, late notice fee,…
This application bypasses all the hassles, clears all the confusions, saving a lot of man hours & time, making everything convenient, sophisticated and "just" a touch away. As mentioned, not "just" a project.


About Enqbator
Enqbator is a web development firm based in Troy, Michigan, that specializes in all aspects of web development, from websites to mobile apps and analytics and online marketing.  They have unparalleled expertise in creating integrations between the website and the client’s internal and external systems to provide seamless user experiences on the web. By striving to work as an extension of their client’s own team, they have forged long-lasting, professional relationships with many of their clients. 

About Mediation Tribunal Association
The Mediation Tribunal Association, Inc. (MTA) is the largest provider of court-mandated case evaluation services in the State of Michigan and a non-profit corporation that provides the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services under Michigan Court Rules MCR 2.403, MCR 2.404, MCR 2.410, MCR 2.411, & MCR 3.216.

MTA serves the Third Judicial Circuit Court, the Eastern District United States District Court, and many other local district courts in Wayne County. The agency was incorporated in 1979 by Judge Richard Dunn, who at the time was the Chief Judge of Third Circuit Court, and attorneys Sheldon L. Miller and Samuel A. Garzia. MTA is currently led by its Executive Director, Lisa W. Timmons Esq., who also serves as the ADR Clerk of the Third Circuit Court, and is governed by its Board of Directors.

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