Cloud Development & Hosting

Benefit of the cloud is its openness and flexibility. It enables companies to consume/compute the resources as a utility – just like power – rather than having your own power plant in your backyard, you would rather be paying for what portion of services you are using.

One of the most innovative technologies of cloud computing is, Cloud Hosting. It is practically hosting your website on virtual servers which pull resources from either your own private cloud or can be from the same pool as other publicly available servers, based on your company’s requirement. Cloud hosting far excels than Dedicated Hosting in terms of:
Cloud Computing

●   Reliability
●   Physical Security
●   Scalability & Flexibility
●   Utility style costing
●   Responsive Load Balancing

ENQBATOR offers cloud services to your organization by maintaining the organizational architect, and automate the custom infrastructure.We provide 24x7x365 support, in the presence of highly certified automation and security engineers, with 100% uptime SLAs (Service Level Agreements).


  • Virtual Servers on the Cloud - EC2
  • Scalable Storage on the Cloud - S3
  • Managed Relational Databases - RDS
  • Enterprise Isolated Cloud - VPC
  • Deployment & Configuration Management
  • Content Delivery Network - CDN (For media delivery)
  • Identity and Access Management - Security
  • Application/Mobile Services

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