Keep personnel in the loop

Enqbator has developed the first-ever mobile app for EMS communication!

Your ER and EMS personnel need to stay in the loop. A lot can happen on the journey between the site of the emergency and the hospital, and if any new developments spring up in the ER, the EMS'es need to know.

There's also the issue of traffic. Your EMS personnel need the fastest routes between the emergency and the hospital, with constant traffic updates they can avoid any and all slowdowns. Every second counts in these situations. 

That's where Enqbator comes in. Our EMS personnel app provides...

Doctor blue scrubs red background

Physician On-Call

The App provides information about on-call physicians, as well as gate codes for the ER and OR.

Blue compass red white needle


From the site to the hospital

Two overlapping message balloons

Messages & Updates

If anything changes in the ER, the app lets the EMS know

 Traffic light blue background

Traffic information

The app provides the best routes, avoids traffic jams and takes the direct path!

EMS app login screen

Logging in is easy

EMS app message screen

The app sends important alerts to EMS personnel 

EMS app direction screen

Directions on your dashboard!

They Chose Enqbator

Rochester, MI's Crittenton Hospital and University of Arkansas of Medical Sciences are among the organizations who use this app. 

They chose Enqbator

We are proud to have worked with these organizations.