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Your customers have different needs. This means they need the right doctors with the right qualifications, the right locations, who work during the right hours and take the right insurance policies. Our highly customizable physician search app, Find-A-Physician, will tackle all these questions, making the search that much easier for your customers. 

You want to keep your customers coming back, and you want them to understand that you'll provide them the best services possible. Let Enqbator's Find-A-Physician app hone customer searches. It'll also show you what your customers value the most when they look for a doctor, so you can meet their needs better. 
You've got great doctors. Let Enqbator help your customers search for them. 

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Search Parameters

Your customers get the following fields by default: Type of Provider, Language Spoken, Gender, Patient Type, Video, Doctor's Office by City or ZIP Code, Offices Within So Many Miles of a Given Address, Name, Proximity to Given Address. They can also search for a physician alphabetically.

Whatever's important to your customers, we can do. Then they'll be able to narrow their searches to the best possible doctors... which means your patients will understand your commitment to them. 

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Customize to Your Heart's Content

What if your patients want different parameters? Or what if your institution offers something others don't? Don't worry, Enqbator's got you covered. You can customize this app however you want. Enqbator is committed to meet the needs of as many institutions as possible, so we've designed this app for maximum flexibility. Add or subtract search parameters as much as you want. Give your customers up-to-date information on physicians, all on one webpage.


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How Does It Work?

Our searches prioritize what we call the Golden Triangle, the three most important things your customers need to know about your physicians. While there are many important aspects of finding a doctor, we've figured out these three are the most important...


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Their Locations

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Their Specialties

Most directories won’t give you all this information in the same place. Ours will. Plus our taxonomy system places related doctors and other information onto your pages. So if your customers search for a cancer specialist, lifestyle tips for avoiding cancer and so forth will appear on your pages alongside their search. It's a great way to help your customers find exactly what they're searching for. 

They chose Enqbator

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