Make Your Smartphone a Remote Control

An App For Everything

An App for Everything

Apps and smartphones have done a lot to make life more convenient. You've heard the phrase "there's an app for that," but Express Pass, an Enqbator original, is several apps in one. Now you don't have to imagine how useful it would be to have the functionalities of three or four crucial apps in one. With Express Pass, it's all in your hands. A well-designed app, of course, is convenient and easy to use. Express Pass goes one step further. It's an app whose whole purpose is convenience and easy use. With Express Pass, your customers can have it all at the touch of an app.

What is it?

Give your customers the Express Pass advantage. It'll serve as a remote control and library for their visits to your locations, providing maximum ease-of-access at all your location. Your customers will get routes to whichever hospitals in your system they're visiting, hours of any of your locations, and reminders they might need during or after the visit. It's part search engine, part navigation app, part accountability feature, and part organizer. It makes all hospital and court visits simple and convenient. 

Why Express Pass

Why Express Pass?

Think of what your customers can use this for. If they've got regular appointments with a doctor, the app will help them keep their calendars in order. If they need directions to your locations, the app provides not just those, but the hours of operation as well. If they happen to reach your destination early, it'll point them in toward coffee shops, cafeterias, gift shops or anywhere else in your hospital. They also get a map of your location, which gets them around all questions of where they might need to go. You'll make it much easier for your users to get to your location, and help them plan their time there as efficiently as possible. Give your customers a convenient experience to keep them coming back! All they have to do is touch the app, and they'll have access to an enormous variety of services.

Other Features

Everything about Express Pass is easy to use. All your customers have to do is register, and Express Pass will remember their preferences. 

Check into the hospital, the courts, or anywhere else you might go online, and more...

Other Features

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